This may just be the most helpful web design FAQ page you have seen. This is the type of FAQ where we discuss the REAL concerns you have. Our goal is to provide you answers to the questions that really matter.



Great question! Our #1 goal is to provide our clients with an amazing experience and deliver astonishing results. We don’t cut corners and we ensure every website we launch is optimized for speed, security, and SEO. We dont believe in gouging our clients and we are able to keep our prices low by reducing overhead and streamlining our process. Our finished product often exceeds the quality of agencies charging ten times more than us.

Every website is different and each one comes with its own set of unique requirements. In order for us to give you a quote we will need to ask you a series of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment. With that said, many of our sites run in the $3,000 – $6,000 range. However, very large or complicated sites can certainly reach $10,000 or more. 

Although we specialize in WordPress, we are able to use another option if the project calls. We use the WordPress CMS because it offers nearly endless possibilities and is pretty much an industry standard at this point. WordPress is extremely effective, widely used, and well supported making it the best option for 95% of people. 

Yes, we work with clients all over the United States. Thanks to modern technology your location does not affect the quality of work and support you will receive from us. 

Yes, you will have full ownership over your website once it is finished. We will never hold your website hostage (unfortunately, this is common with some companies and many freelancers, but not us). Although we’d hate to see you go, you are always free to move your website anywhere you please.

Each project is different, but on average we launch most websites within 3 to 6 weeks. This timeline can be longer or shorter depending on the requirements and how proactive you are with providing assets and revisions.

Yes, we would love to be your first. We have proven processes in place to ensure your experience with us is as smooth as possible. We are the experts of the web and you are the expert of your business. We will also educate you along the way so you can make informed decisions when we need your input

All we ask is that you remain engaged and provide us with the necessary information, content, and feedback throughout the project. We promise not to overwhelm you with the messy technical details. 

No, it is not a requirement that you have everything ready. We can figure that out along the way and use placeholder content until we figure it all out. However, the more prepared you are the quicker we can move. 


Design & Development

Yes! Every website we launch is put through a series of quality assurance tests to ensure everything is dialed. During our QA we ensure the site works well on several devices, screen sizes, operating systems, and browsers. Some say we go a little overboard with our testing. 

Great question. Design and development are vastly different but these terms are often used interchangeably. Design encompasses all the visual aspects UI/UX (user interface and user experience), while development involves all the technology aspects such as frameworks, programming languages, and functionality.

Think of it like a car. Web design is how the car looks while development is the car’s engine, suspension, and other performance related components. 


Payments & Expenses

Websites typically have a one-time initial cost to build and setup. In addition, every website on the internet requires some kind of hosting and a domain name.

Web Hosting is a monthly service that makes your website available online. Hosting packages can vary a lot depending on what’s included.

Domain name registration is much cheaper and usually runs about $15-$20/year. 


Support & Maintenance

We would love to! We offer several support and maintenance options to keep your site as fast and awesome as it was launched. 

Yes, there are several benefits when you host your site with us. 

Yes. If requested, we’ll give you all the training and tools you need to be able to update the content yourself.

We provide Pro Support hours in the form of a retainer package. When you purchase Pro Support hours you are essentially reserving, aka retaining our time each month, and you are guaranteed that we will be available to work with you. See our Support Packages for more information.

Simply, a support retainer is a industry standard practice where a client will reserve the time/support of a web agnency/freelancer for a specified length of time. For example, a client might sign on for a 10 hour retainer and the agency would set aside 10 hours each month dedicated to working with that one client.

Great question! Support retainers are a growing practice in the web design and marketing industry because of the immense value it can provide for both parties involved. A website retainer is the perfect solution when you need regular support from industry professionals but don’t have the budget or the resources to hire an in-house expert to perform the same job.

Regular Maintenance is Critical for Website Continuity! Some decide to neglect regular software updates and maintenance entirely which can lead to a host of issues, if neglected long enough. We are here to prevent that and make it sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Check out our Support Packages page for more information.

The primary benefits include: 

  • When reserving our time in advance, you get up to 50% OFF our normal hourly rate of $120/hr. We are one of the few who offer discunts of this magnitude. Talk about a deal!
  • This is a great way to reserve our support so you are guarnteed we will be able to fit you into our monthly workflow.
  • While other company retainer packages only focus on simple troubleshooting and basic website maintenance, we include strategy and developer time for every retainer client we work with.
  • We know that one size does NOT fit all, especially when it comes to your website, and marketing needs. That is why we work with you directly to create a custom strategy just for you. We do all the leg work so you can focus on what really matters-growing your business!
  • You can finally relax knowing that your website is always performing at its best and under expert supervision.

Please check out our Support Packages page for a full breakdown of the benefits and other information.

Pro Support hours can be used for just about any service we offer ranging from routine support and updates to web development, marketing, and performance optimizations.

Please check out our Support Packages page for a full breakdown of the benefits and other information.


Hosting & Domains

With us, of course! Our hosting and support is top-notch but you can always host your site somewhere else and we’ll still be happy to work with you.  


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