PRO Support Packages

Save up to 50% when you Purchase Pro Support in Advance!


Common Questions

Pro Support Hours vs Retainer?

We provide Pro Support hours in the form of a retainer package. When you purchase Pro Support hours you are essentially reserving, aka retaining our time each month, and you are guaranteed that we will be available to work with you. 

What is a Support Retainer?

Simply, a support retainer is a industry standard practice where a client will reserve the time/support of a web agnency/freelancer for a specified length of time. For example, a client might sign on for a 10 hour retainer and the agency would set aside 10 hours each month dedicated to working with that one client.

Why do I Need a Retainer?

Great question! Support retainers are a growing practice in the web design and marketing industry because of the immense value it can provide for both parties involved. A website retainer is the perfect solution when you need regular support from industry professionals but don’t have the budget or the resources to hire an in-house expert to perform the same job.

Regular Maintenance is Critical for Website Continuity! Some decide to neglect regular software updates and maintenance entirely which can lead to a host of issues, if neglected long enough. We are here to prevent that and make it sure this doesn’t happen to you.


Benefits of our Retainer Plans

Primary Benefits: 

  • When reserving our time in advance, you get up to 50% OFF our normal hourly rate of $120/hr. We are one of the few who offer discunts of this magnitude. Talk about a deal! 
  • This is a great way to reserve our support so you are guarnteed we will be able to fit you into our monthly workflow.
  • While other company retainer packages only focus on simple troubleshooting and basic website maintenance, we include strategy and developer time for every retainer client we work with.
  • We know that one size does NOT fit all, especially when it comes to your website, and marketing needs. That is why we work with you directly to create a custom strategy just for you. We do all the leg work so you can focus on what really matters-growing your business!
  • You can finally relax knowing that your website is always performing at its best and under expert supervision.

Other Benefits: 

  • You always know what to expect for your monthly expenses making it easier to manage your budget throughout the year. 
  • As a retainer client, we give you the highest priority in our workflow and support ticket requests.
  • Each month we will discuss the best ways to use your hours so you can capitalize on the value of your retainer. 
  • Dedicated point of communication between you and your hosting/domain providers, should you decide to host your site elsewhere.

Oh, I did I mention that we include retainer hours, aka Pro Support hours in our DELUXE and ULTIMATE Managed Hosting Plans? Well, we do! 


Pro Support Hours Can be Used for Almost Anything

Routine Support and Maintenance 

All of this is included in our Managed Hosting packages. 

  • Daily & Monthly backups of your website and database to ensure business continuity.
  • Monthly security scans to check for malware, spam , or domain blacklisting. 
  • Comprehensive monthly reports detailing your website health, SEO, Google ranking, visitor demographics, traffic statistics, link sources, sales data, security, and performance benchmarks.
  • Monthly WordPress core updates.
  • WordPress Theme updates. 
  • WordPress Plugin updates. 
  • PHP Updates. 


Design, Development, Marketing, and Optimizations

  • Expert consulting to improve your website, SEO, and marketing strategies. 
  • On-page SEO improvements
  • Technical SEO improvements
  • Conversion rate optimization for memberships and stores. 
  • WordPress performance optimization, scaling and bug fixing.
  • WordPress custom development 
  • Website feature additions.
  • WordPress Training
  • Blogging, content updates, and copyrighting.
  • Email marketing and campaign management.
  • Graphic design for your website, marketing, and branding.


Pro Support hours are provided at significantly reduced rates (up to 50% off) compared to our standard rate of $120/hr, and may be purchased according to the packages below.

Rate $90/hr $90/hr $80/hr $60/hr
Discount(25% OFF)(25% OFF)(33% OFF)(50% OFF)

* Since Pro Support hours are provided at reduced rates these hours do not roll over and unused hours expire at the end of each month. However, we can definitely help you find several ways to use your hours so you get the most out of your package.

Awesome! Now What?

Feel free to Contact Us if have any questions or if you would like to get started!

During the first month, we’ll meet with you to discuss your website goals, business objectives, and marketing targets. Then we’ll put a plan together and start implementing it immediately. Going forward, we’ll dedicate your monthly hours to fixing the key issues and goals that were identified in our first meeting.