Expert Website Reports

More details on the monthly reports for each hosting plan.

Premium, Deluxe, and Ultimate Reports

The following monthly reports are included for ALL our managed hosting clients.

Managed Hosting Maintenance Report: Primary report we send that overviews all of the updates and maintenance performed for your website. 

GTmetrix Performance Report: Overview of your website performance (e.g. page load speed, total page size, number of server requests, etc).

Wordfence Security Report: Overview of your website security and all the blocked or failed login attempts for your website. You will notice several failed login attempts made by potential attackers. You have nothing to worry about as any unauthorized logins have been blocked. NOTE: Red dots indicate IP addresses that were blocked; Yellow dots indicate failed login attempts; Green dots indicate successful logins.

Deluxe & Ultimate Reports

The following monthly reports are included for our Deluxe & Ultimate managed hosting clients.

SEO – Backlink Profile Report

Overview of your backlinks (e.g. other websites that link to your website). The more backlinks you get from other websites the better your Google search rank will be.

  • Referring pages – The title and URL of the page containing a link to your target.
  • Domain Rating (DR) – This shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the other domains on a 100-point scale. (Learn more)
  • Referring domains – The number of unique referring domains linking to a page.
  • Linked domains – The number of unique root domains linked from the referring page.
  • External Links – The number of external links from the referring page.
  • Traffic – The referring page’s estimated monthly organic traffic from search. (Learn more)
  • Keywords – The number of keywords that the referring page ranks for in the top 100 positions. (Learn more)
  • Anchor and target URL – The anchor text of the link and the URL it points to. 

SEO – Organic Keywords Report

Overview of the keywords you are currently ranking for and the estimated traffic those keywords bring to your website. 

  • Organic keywords – The total number of organic keywords you are currently ranking for in Google search.
  • SERP – The SERP features that appear in search results for a keyword. (Learn more)
  • Volume – An estimation of the number of monthly searches for a keyword. (Learn more)
  • Keyword Difficulty – An estimate of how hard it is to rank in the top 10 organic search results (e.g. the first page of Google) for a keyword on a 100-point scale. (Learn more)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – Shows the average price that advertisers pay for each ad click in paid search results for a keyword. (Learn more)
  • Traffic – An estimation of the monthly organic search traffic from a keyword. (Learn more)
  • Position – The top-ranking position of your target for a keyword. 
  • URL – The URL that is ranking in search results for a keyword.

SEO – Top Pages Report

Overview of the top-ranking pages on your website. This report will show: 

  • Traffic – An estimate of organic search traffic generated by all keywords that a page ranks for in organic search. 
  • Value – The estimated value of your target’s monthly organic search traffic. (Learn more)
  • Keywords – Shows the number of keywords that the page ranks for in the top 100 organic search results. (Learn more)
  • Top keyword – The keyword that brings the most organic traffic to this search result.
  • Volume – Estimated monthly search volume of “Top keyword”.
  • Position – Shows the position that a given URL holds for that “Top keyword”.

Woocommerce Sales Reports

Overview of your Woocommerce sales revenue and other data for a given time period.

  • Orders
  • Gross Sales
  • Returns
  • Coupons
  • Net Sales
  • Taxes
  • Shipping
  • Total Sales

Expert Website Reports

Expert Website Reports is a paid add-on that allows you to get more comprehensive and fully customized reports with meaningful visualizations, charts, and dashboards. We will also provide improvement recommendations so you can get the most out of your reports.

Advanced Woocommerce Reports

The table below shows the various elements you can add to your eCommerce-based report. 

Sales ReportsOrders ReportCustomers ReportStock Report
– Orders
– Gross Sales
– Returns
– Coupons
– Net Sales
– Taxes
– ShippingTotal Sales
– Custom date ranges
– Number of items sold
– Number of orders
– Coupon amount
– Shipping amount
– Gross sales amount
– Net sales amount
– Refund amount
– Custom date ranges
– Customer list
– Customer sales
– Guest sales
– Stock status 
– Units in stock 
– Low in stock 
– Out of stock 
– Most stocked

Advanced Google Analytics Reports

Your Google Analytics report may be customized to focus on the data most important to you.

Areas of Focus

  • Mobile Performance Report
  • Traffic Acquisition Report
  • Content Efficiency Report
  • Keyword Analysis Report
  • New vs. Returning Visitors
  • Landing Pages Report
  • Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate Report

Custom Report Examples